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Hi, my name is Amber Mehner.  I  I want to tell you a little bit about me and my background and why I choose Scentsy.  I received my degree in child development from Baylor. My husband's job moved us to San Antonio where I now work part time at a Mother's Day Out Program after working full time till my daughter was 9 months old and I decided I needed a change. We have a three year old who I stay home with and she is my little Scentsy assistant.  I now have Scentsy in every room!


I am coming up on my 2 years in Scentsy December 2014 and I have done so much with my business! I have been to 2 Scentsy Conventions and one Velata convention. I travel regularly for events and to learn more from my amazing extended team.  I have had the chance to meet people who I would have never met before!


I have now been with Scentsy for over 2 years.  I have been to Indianapolis, St. Louis, Boise (to home office) and soon to Vegas (SFR 2015!!!) with my business and my Scentsy family.  My daughter is now 4 and loves that I am a Scentsy consultant she always says she wants to be a Scentsy lady and loves all her Scentsy 'Aunts" my Scentsy sisters.  Scentsy has helped in so many ways I have paid for our fun activities (Sea world, zoo, painting) and groceries from my paycheck. I would never change my mind about my business and will always continue to share my love and passion of scents and memories.


I JUST PROMOTED TO STAR! Yes I am very excited.  I have added Las Vegas to the list of places Scentsy has sent me.  My princess had a birthday and is now 5 and in Kindergarten.  She is loving school and chooses Scentsy gear at least once a week to "tell people that I am in the Scentsy family". With her now in school I have had more time to myself and my business it’s been different not having my little helper.  I have added some amazing ladies to team and we are having a rocking fall.  I have now been in Scentsy almost 3 years and have loved every minute of it.


I have now been in Scentsy 3 years! My princess has been in Kindergarten since August and it's been an adjustment from having my little assistant with me 24/7 to now having her gone at school every day. I have been able to be busy  though thankfully because of Scentsy.  By working my own hours I am able to go up and help her kindergarten class on a special days and parties. I don't have to miss important events. She is just starting gymnastics so mommy gets to go to those classes too now! Of course I use my Scentsy paycheck to pay for those. I am happy to be able to provide these opportunities for my princess.


I am shooting for director this year and I can only do it with your help. My team continues to grow and rock their business. Nashville was an amazing trip and I loved being there with my Scentsy family


I didn't quite make director last year but that isn't stopping me.  2017 is going to be an amazing year. My team is doing great. Scentsy has even more amazing warmers and scents. This year has me going to Kansas City and working towards earning more trips.